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  Beauty Secrets For Life The Artpart

Carolyn Tolpo Smith,  Author and Illustrator

Art-titude is everything...

Dedicated in 2006 to my parents, Tolpo Artists:  Carl Tolpo & Lily Tolpo

Beauty and Ugliness are the same unless recognized. -- Lily Tolpo 

Art has a magical way of conditioning the mind and minding the condition  -- Lily Tolpo

What a treat, inviting and deceptively simple - there is a lot of weight and wisdom in those pages, and yet they invite us to play. Thank you for whispering those truthful secrets that make such a difference to life.

-- Eric Booth, author of Everyday Work of Art and nationally acclaimed arts educator


Exploring everyday connections People make as Life meets Art:

The Artpart, newspaper, online commentary since 1997...

   via Carl and Lily Tolpo Collection and Archives, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library,

Springfield, IL Reading Room ...

- for delights and inroads made as Beauty awakens when your Life and Art meet 


Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek groundbreaking work in quantum physics

was inspired by his intuition to look for a deeper order: book (2015,)

 A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design - a readers friendly guide

and in acknowledgement, a striking, ensuring read for this artist. Throughout  human history amid Science, Philosophy and the Arts,  people have pondered such order - a creative order rendezvous - beautifully hidden, artfully already there.

Emily Dickinson    c. 1879

Estranged from Beauty - none can be -

For Beauty is Infinity - 

And power to be finite ceased

Before Identity was leased.

Portrait Paintings of Daughter Carolyn
Haiku Poems & Titles
by Carolyn Tolpo Smith
In 2015, portrait painter daughter Carolyn penned Portrait Paintings of Daughter Carolyn Haiku Poems & Titles to voice remembrance to her parents, evoked from interactive traditional artist-sitter-viewer dialogue with such Portraits, in this case of her, painted by her father. 
Portrait Paintings of Daughter Carolyn 1949 -1970 by Carl Tolpo (1901-1976)

Content/ Images © 2020 CTolpo  Rights Reserved

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